Using Contents Collaboration within Xactimate desktop (X1)

Updated by Heather Jones

Note: Contents Collaboration is only available on assignments sent through XactAnalysis and only for instances that have XactContents enabled.

To initiate Contents Collaboration for an assignment, open the assignment and navigate to Tools > Contents Collaboration. Fill out all the necessary fields (select Send copy to me if you want to be copied on the email), particularly the Insured Email field, and select Send. You can preview the email, if you want, by selecting Preview before selecting Send.

Once the customer has submitted their items via Contents Collaboration (see Use Contents Collaboration for further details), Xactimate notifies you that updates are ready. Sync the updates and open the project.

Once you open the project, the Contents Collaboration window appears, which informs you of the updates. To highlight all imported items in the assignment so you can more easily review their prices, select Highlight imported items as unpriced. Narrow it down to only those items of a higher price, select Only items over amount: and add the price above which you want items highlighted.

Make any necessary adjustments (such as pricing, brand, etc.) and complete your assignment as normal.

For additional details on Contents Collaboration, see Use Contents Collaboration.

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