Modify the item unit price in X1

To view the unit price modification options:

  1. On the Estimate items tab, click Items.
  2. Select a line item below the Quick entry pane.
  3. Click Unit Price tab to the right of the Quick entry pane.

To adjust the line item price settings:

  1. O&P: Indicates if overhead and profit will be applied for this line item. 
  2. Taxable: Indicates if the line item is tax exempt.
  3. Contractor: Indicates whether the homeowner or a contractor will be performing the labor.
  4. Line item: Indicates whether the item is a line item or a credit. Credit item prices appear in red.
  5. Click the Replace price calculator icon to edit the unit price.
  6. Click the Info icon (to the right of the Calculator icon) to view the item activity information. 
    1. In the Item activity information dialog box, edit the price calculations to account for market conditions or additional material costs.
    2. Click Details to view labor, equipment, and material details.
    3. To save the changes, click OK.The Unit price now appears in green font to indicate that it was manually adjusted.
  7. Use the Trade list to select the default contractor type. For example, if a roofer is repairing a leaky roof, then patching some drywall, the calculations will be different than if a roofer repairs the roof and a drywall team does the patching.
  8. Select a Minimum group for the labor minimum. To view labor minimum group descriptions, click the Labor minimums tab under Estimate items.

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