Calculating electricity consumption cost for water mitigation equipment

Updated by Heather Jones

The calculation for electricity consumption is not available for all profiles. If you do not have access to it but would like to add it, contact your account manager.

To calculate the electricity cost for water mitigation equipment, make sure you have added any necessary water mitigation equipment, such as dehumidifiers and air movers, to the estimate (see Adding a line item in Xactimate desktop (X1)). Xactimate uses both the estimated MWh for the equipment and the electricity cost determined in the project price list to calculate the cost for the electricity consumption.

You can view the electricity estimation via either of two options: the Additional Charges window (cost per 100 KWh) or a report that includes the total cost for electrical consumption.

Additional Charges

To open the Additional Charges window, navigate to Claim Info > Parameters. In the Add Ons pane, select Additional Charges. This window shows any additional charges not included in the rest of the estimate, including the electrical cost per 100 KWh. If you need to adjust this rate, click within the Amount/Factor field and enter the new rate. Once you make your change and select OK, the change is also reflected in the report.


Each profile that calculates electrical consumption has specific reports that includes that information; contact your account manager to determine the proper report to use. To view the report, navigate to Documents > Reports. With the Estimate Reports and Print Options tabs selected, select the appropriate report, and select Preview to create the PDF of the report.

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