How to set your depreciation preferences

Updated by Bethany W.

Setting the default depreciation means that your preference will automatically be applied to any line items you enter. This will save you time when you are pricing the line items.

  1. In the Control Center, click Preferences
  2. Next to Settings, select Profile.

  3. Choose the profile you want to set the default depreciation for.
  4. On the Project Defaults page, change the depreciation default to either Recoverable or Non-Recoverable.
    • Recoverable depreciation means that the value of line items covered by a policy is equal to the items value as if the items were brand new. 
    • Non-recoverable depreciation means that the value of line items are covered by a policy in their current state of age, use or general condition.
  5. Select what values will be used to calculate the depreciation
    • Percent
    • Amount
    • Age/Condition

Your depreciation defaults are now set. You can still change the depreciation of a line item, but this will save you time.

You can have different depreciation defaults for different profiles.

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