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The notification bell icon is located in the top right-hand corner of the project dashboard. Each time you receive a notification, a preview prompt appears and the icon is updated with the number of unread notifications.

  • To view a notification, click on the preview box or the notification icon. This will open the notification panel.
  • The notification panel displays the 25 most recent notifications. To view additional notifications, click Show More.
  • To remove a single notification, click the X in the top right-hand corner.
  • To remove all notifications, click Dismiss All. 
  • Click the filter to view a particular type of notification.
  • To view all notifications, click History. The notifications are sorted by the month they were received.

Notifications are divided into six types:

  1. Xactware: official announcements from Xactware
  2. Project: related to specific assignments
  3. User: specific to the user
  4. Xactware ID: related to your Xactware ID
  5. Message: from administrators
  6. Update: related to new versions of Xactimate

Admins can search through sent notifications by entering terms in the Search bar on the top of the screen.

Admins can also send notifications:

  1. Click Add Notification(s) at the top of the page. When the panel appears, click the Recipients bar.
  2. Select All Users, User Groups, or Users with a License. If you select User Groups or Users with a License, choose a User Group or a license type
  3. Enter notification text.
  4. Enter a URL or upload a document. Only one attachment can be added to a notification.
  5. Click Send.

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