Depreciate Removal option is enabled

Updated by Jill Bowers

This profile feature controls whether Xactimate users can interact with the Depreciate Removal checkbox. Removal depreciation reduces the original cost of an item by the amount determined by either depreciation allowed (depreciation deducted on tax returns) or depreciation allowable (total depreciation that can be deducted based on tax rules), whichever is greater. Policy holders may want to depreciate removal for tax breaks, asset tracking, compliance, and various other reasons. 

This profile feature enables the Depreciate Removal option—which you can find in an open estimate, in Claim Info > Parameters > Depreciation Options—and users can check or uncheck the Depreciate Removal box as needed.

If this profile feature is not enabled, the Depreciate Removal option is read-only, and users cannot interact with the Depreciate Removal checkbox.