Load a macro

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Load a macro in Sketch

  1. On the Sketch tab, click Options.
  2. Select a structure on the sketch workspace.
    • To select multiple structures, hold Ctrl and select the appropriate structures.
  3. Click Macros to open the Macros dialog box.
  4. Select a macro, and click OK.

Load a macro in Estimate Items —Method One

  1. On the Estimate Items tab, click Items.
  2. Click the Macros tab next to Search.
  3. In the Grouping pane, select a structure or group.
  4. In the Macros pane, select a macro. Click Run.
  5. The item will be added to the structure or group you selected.

Load a macro in Estimate Items —Method Two

  1. In the grouping pane, right-click a structure or group.
  2. Select Retrieve Macro to open the Macros dialog box.
  3. Select a macro, and click OK.

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