Add a supplement

Updated by Bethany W.

Often, customers ask to add additional items to a claim after one or more payments have been recorded. This requires adding a supplement to the claim.

  1. On the Complete tab, click Change estimate status to In Progress.
  2. If prompted, choose Supplement from the Supplement/Correction dialog box.
  3. Add the additional items to the estimate.
  4. Click the Complete tab.
  5. Click Change estimate status to Complete.  

To show the items modified by the supplement in Payment Tracker follow the steps below:

  1. Click Payment Tracker.
  2. Right click a column header
  3. Select Show Sup Column.

Items added in a supplement are noted in the Sup column. For example, items from Supplement 1 would be marked with “S1.”  

You can click the ‘i’ button in the payment calculator to view a report of additions, deletions, and modifications in the supplement.

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