Add a line item to a scenario in X1

Updated by Heather Jones

  1. Open an estimate. 
  2. Click the Estimate items tab, and right-click an item below the Quick entry pane to open the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select Item edit options > Item scenario to open the Item scenario dialog box. 
  4. Select the appropriate item option. 
  • Standard: a regular item in the estimate with no assigned scenario 
  • Excluded: an item that is included in the estimate but does not have a recorded cost (typically, when the policyholder is paying for the replacement item or the item is not covered in the policy) 
  • Upgrade (add item): an item that would be added only under the conditions of the assigned scenario 
  • Downgrade (remove item): an item that would be included in the estimate except in the assigned scenario 
Note: If you select either Upgrade or Downgrade, the Applies to section becomes active; otherwise, it remains greyed out. 
  1. Select an option in the Applies to section: 
  • Select Report time only if you only want to view the cost difference for the item on an estimate report. 
  • Select Permanent & reports if you want to add the item as a downgrade or upgrade. 
  1. Enter a Scenario name or select a scenario you already created by selecting the drop-down menu.  
  2. Select OK

Once you have finished, the Note icon for the line item has a small number next to it to indicate that the item is part of a scenario. 

Follow these steps to show excluded items (otherwise, they disappear from view once the exclusion is applied): 

  1. Open an estimate. 
  2. Open the Estimate items tab, and right-click any item below the Quick Entry pane (including the blank line) to open the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select Show excluded items so that a checkmark appears next to it. 


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