Where do I find my XactNet Address in Xactimate desktop

Updated by Heather Jones

Your XactNet address is a unique identifier for your account within a specific instance. Depending on how your account was set up when created, you may need to register your XactNet address, which is explained later in this article.

Finding your XactNet address

Knowing your XactNet address helps with sending and receiving assignments. You also may need to know your XactNet address when working with Support.

There are two options for finding the address:

Through Help

  1. From the project dashboard, select Help in the navigation menu on the left.
  2. Select About Xactimate.
  1. Look for the XactNet Address for your instance in the About Xactimate dialog box that appears.

Through the account icon ()

With Xactimate open to Local, Cloud, Preferences, or Tools, the account icon () is visible in the top right of the screen. Select the icon to view your account information.

Register your XactNet address 

Most accounts do not need registration. For those that do, a button appears instead of your address in Step 3. Select the button and follow the on-screen instructions to register your XactNet address. 

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