What's new in Xactimate Admin

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If an Xactimate Admin release includes any major changes that affect your product experience, we highlight them here to provide you with updates. To view greater details on these changes (when necessary), select the article links included with each update.

For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes on the eService Center.

This information is updated as soon as possible before the release. We appreciate your patience if a release is listed in our product release dates but has not been added here.

March 2023

Time & materials

The Time and material license is an additional license that grants users access to extra features, including Time and material worksheets and component-based estimating enhancements. Time and materials also includes exclusive price lists, forms, and tables.

Dec 2022

Third-party pricing  

When you request third-party pricing for line items, our partners use the latest data and algorithms to provide accurate, up-to-date pricing.  

In Xactimate Admin, users can enable or disable third-party pricing, connect with third parties, and edit third-party APIs.

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