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If an Xactimate release includes any major changes that affect your product experience, we highlight them here to provide you with updates. To view greater details on these changes (when necessary), select the article links included with each update.

For a complete list of changes, please see the release notes on the eService Center.

This information is updated as soon as possible before the release. We appreciate your patience if a release is listed in our product release dates but has not been added here.

April 2024


XactRebuild allows you to easily create a new project based on the data from an existing water mitigation estimate. You can set XactRebuild settings in Xactimate Admin. For more information on XactRebuild in Xactimate online, review this article. 

Feb 2023


XactXpert is a new way to inspect estimates as your project is in progress. You can review alerts (including Violations, Warnings, and Cautions) in the XactXpert side drawer and address or bypass them as the estimate is being worked on. To learn more about XactXpert in Xactimate online, review these articles. 

Oct 2023

Time & Materials

Often shortened to T&M, Xactimate Time and Materials is now available to help estimate service providers that work on large projects, such as commercial projects. We created Xactimate Time and Materials to make larger projects easier to estimate compared to the traditional version of Xactimate.

Dec 2022

December 2022

Third-party pricing  

When you request third-party pricing for line items, our partners use the latest data and algorithms to provide accurate, up-to-date pricing.  

Users are now informed via Notifications when inventories are sent to their XactNet address. The notifications are actionable, so users can add inventories to existing or new projects. 

Users can now export inventories to other XactNet addresses. 

Nov 2022


Refresh tokens are now available in place of access tokens.

Delete in bulk

Users can now delete projects in bulk.

Aug 2022

XactContents search added to Xactimate online

XactContents search is now available in the new Xactimate online in User Preferences under the General tab. Users can refine their search by designating a country, marking one or more preferred languages, and entering other information.

Users are now informated via Notifications when inventories are sent to their XactNet address. THe notifications are actionable, so users can add inventories or existing or new projects.

Users can now save multiple search tilers in the new Xactimate online. Saved filter are also searchable so they can be easily used more than once.

April 2021

Valuations in Xactimate online

Users can now create Valuation estimate types in the new Xactimate online. Valuations created in the new Xactimate online open in the 360Value website.

Feb 2021

The new Xactimate online

A new way to manage projects

The Projects page displays a list of estimates associated with your instance. By default, these projects are organized in alphabetical order by name. If you'd prefer, you can arrange your projects by claim number, profile, owner, estimate total, or modified date. Simply click the corresponding column headers on the table to arrange your list. 

Updated look and feel, same functionality.

Once you've opened a project in the new Xactimate online, you can get to work using the same Xactimate functionality you're used to, like using Sketch, adding line items, and uploading photos.

No migration necessary

The new version of Xactimate online uses the same instances we use today, so there's no need to migrate data, users, or projects.

The new Xactimate online Estimate Writer

As part of the new Xactimate online, we’ve created the Xactimate online Estimate Writer for Windows powered by Xactimate desktop code. The Xactimate online Estimate Writer is simple. You only need to install it once, and it’s self-updating, so you won’t need to worry about downloading new releases or program updates.

October 2020

Configure security groups in Xactimate Admin

To keep your customer data and claim information secure, you need to control who has access to sensitive information. By creating security groups in Xactimate Admin, you decide what information users can see and edit, including proprietary company information, customer data, and other claim material.

Add security groups

  1. Login to Xactimate Admin.
  2. If you have more than one instance, select the instance you want to open.
  3. Click on the Security Groups tab.
  4. Click (+) Add Security Group, which is above the right of the table.
  5. A form appears on the right.
  1. Name the group.
  2. Add a description.
  3. Choose the access rights you want available to users in this group. You can assign an entire category by checking the corresponding box to the left, or click the dropdown arrow to the right of each row to view and select more specific options.
  4. Click Save.

Assign users to security groups

  1. In the Users tab, select a user from the table.
  2. A form asking for user information appears on the right of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to Security Groups and check boxes next to the groups you’d like to assign to the user. You can also deselect groups in this list to remove users from security groups.
  1. Your changes save automatically. 

Edit and delete security groups

  1. Click on the Security Groups tab.
  2. Select a group from the table.
  3. A window with group information appears on the right.
  4. To change group information, make edits in the window as needed and click Save.
  5. To delete the group, hit the Delete Group button at the bottom of the page. When a Security Group is deleted, it is automatically unavailable to users who were assigned to it.
  6. Alternatively, you can delete a security group by hovering over the table and clicking the trash icon on the far-right side of the group’s row.

December 2018

Log out time adjusted

For security, automatic logout time has been shortened to 30 minutes. As before, staying active in Xactimate online keeps your session active.

Increased recovery time frame

You can recover an estimate up to 90 days after it is deleted.

June 2018

PDF mapping for FEMA flood reports

No matter which FEMA report version you're using, old or new, the information is mapped correctly within Xactimate online.

Preparing flood-loss claims for the United States' NFIP

Estimating and documenting National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood claims has never been easier than with Xactimate's flood estimation features.

Streamline flood claim estimating

Xactimate’s flood-loss estimating module can help save time, prevent and catch potential errors, and provide reports just the way flood estimators need them. Reports can even be combined into a single PDF file including forms, photos, and customized content.

  • Save time. Redundant entry is eliminated and many tasks are now automated or entered with the help of features that help make estimating flood damage much faster than ever before.
  • Prevent and catch potential errors. Xactimate automatically follows many U.S. flood-estimating standards and screens for potential issues.
  • Provide reports just the way flood estimators need them. Reports can even be combined into a single PDF file including forms, photos, and customized content.

With Xactimate Flood-Loss Estimating

  • Flood policy coverage, policy limits, and deductibles can now be sent with an assignment straight into Xactimate.
  • Coverages, policy limits, and deductibles are automatically applied according to NFIP policy.
  • Recoverable/non-recoverable depreciation defaults are automatically applied according to NFIP guidelines.
  • Estimators sign forms electronically.
  • Duplicate entry is eliminated. 
  • Settings and preferences can be set specifically for flood-loss estimates.
  • Photos are much easier to add and merge with other food forms and reports.
  • New advanced reporting tools make it much faster to build reports exactly the way estimators want them.
  • Error-checking tools find potential errors and help easily correct them.
  • Building valuations can be created from inside flood assignments with values automatically imported into Loss Recap and appropriate forms.

Some of the most tedious and error-prone tasks are now automatic

Flood policy coverages and their respective policy limits and deductibles are already set up and handled automatically. In most cases, NFIP guidelines for recoverable and non-recoverable depreciation are also applied automatically. Limits for detached garages are automatically set based on the policy and estimated damage is appropriately applied to the policy limit.

Available in Xactimate online and desktop

When you select a flood-loss project type in Xactimate desktop or online, the new flood-loss features are ready to help you compile a flood-loss estimate and complete the signed forms and documentation needed to correctly process the file. 

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