General Sketch AR information

Updated by Heather Jones

While using Sketch AR, there are a few general tips that will help with accuracy.

  • When the screen prompts tell you to tap the button, it is referring to the white circle at the bottom of the screen, but you can also tap anywhere in the AR screen.
  • Tap the Undo icon at any time to undo the last action/capture.
  • Have plenty of lighting. Dark areas are more difficult for the sensors to accurately measure.
  • Sketch AR works both with lidar and without it; however, if your device does not have lidar, the sensors may have difficulty detecting flat, monochrome surfaces, so you will need to use the line-capture method on walls (described later). If your device is using lidar, a lidar icon () appears with the prompt text.

Initiating Sketch AR

Start Sketch AR by opening the Room flyout menu in Sketch and selecting Sketch AR.

Note: If this is your first time using Sketch AR, Sketch prompts you to give access to the camera. Sketch AR will not work if you do not give Xactimate access to the camera.

Sketch AR works for both interiors and exteriors; choose whichever option is right for your situation.

When you enter Sketch AR, the environment must calibrate. This works best when you point the camera at the floor and move the device as instructed on the screen. Once calibration is finished, you can begin following the prompts at the top of the screen.

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