Export a project to your computer from Xactimate desktop

Updated 5 months ago by Heather Andersen

A project must be closed before you can export it to your computer.

To export a project via click and drag to your computer from Xactimate desktop (X1):

  1. Make sure the folder to which you are exporting is visible (or the desktop is visible if you are exporting there) .
  2. In the Project dashboard, select Local in the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Select your desired project and then click and drag it to your visible folder (or the desktop). The ESX file appears on your desktop.
    Note: If the project does not export, repeat Step 2. Files will not move if you have clicked outside Xactimate before clicking and dragging the already selected file or if you did not select it before clicking and dragging.

To export a project via browsing folders or to export to Excel:

  1. Select the desired project in your Local projects list.
  1. Select the Export icon in the project options menu that appears on the right
  1. Select the appropriate option, and select EXPORT.
  2. Browse to your desired folder and select OK. (If you exported to Excel, it automatically opens the application.)

To export a project to your personal desktop from Xactimate desktop version 28:

  1. Click and drag the project from the Control Center or Projects tab to a folder or location on your desktop. The file automatically saves as an .ESX file.

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