How do I get better search results?

There are a number of ways to improve your search results:

These tips are for Item Description and Search under the Pricing tab. You can also search with an item number or description with the search function in the top right of the page.

  • Check for spelling mistakes, particularly in the brand.
  • If you have an extremely detailed description, try removing some of the specifics to broaden your results.
  • Use the “Refine Results” pane to select an exact item type and filter out some of the noise from accessories or related items.
  • Use the Brand filter if you know the specific brand.
  • Use  the price range filters to refine results to only targeted price areas. For example if you’re looking for an iPad, you may want to set a minimum price of $150 which will remove things like cases, chargers, and other accessories.
  • Look  at the Combined results tab—this will broaden results to include items  from Amazon, Nextag, and eBay.

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