Restoring previous versions of projects

Updated by Heather Jones

Note: You may not have access to this if you do not have rights. Reach out to your instance administrator to obtain rights, if necessary. They can give you access rights by following the steps in this article: Assigning rights to restore previous versions.

Xactimate stores a copy of your project each time you save it (or upload/download to and from the cloud) so that, if needed, you can refer back to previous versions of the project. To access these preserved versions, select the project in the Local view and select the Restore previous versions button ()in the action bar.

This opens the Restore previous versions window, which lists all the saved versions to which you can restore the project. Select the version you would like to use and then the RESTORE button.

Restore previous versions window

The restored version appears as an additional project a in your list of local projects. You can compare the previous and restored version, delete either one, or keep them both.

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