Add doors

Updated by Jill Bowers

  1. From the Sketch toolbar, click the arrow in the Doors list. Select Standard.
  2. Click the East wall of the Bathroom, 4’3” (interior dimension) from the North wall. The center of the door will appear wherever you click. To adjust door locations, you can click and drag, or press Ctrl + Arrow Key.
  3. Select the door and then click Properties.
  4. Set the width to 2’6” and the opening direction to Left.
  5. Click anywhere in the Sketch workspace to close the Properties window and save your changes.
  6. Using the same method, but leaving the opening direction to the Right, place doors in the following locations:
    1. The North wall of the Bathroom, 5’2” (interior dimension) from the Corridor.
    2. The East wall of the Bedroom, 3'10" (interior dimension) from the South wall.
    3. The South wall of the Corridor, 2' (interior dimension) from the Bathroom. Change the width to 3'.
  7. Click the door between the Bathroom and the Bedroom. Then click Toggle Vertically and Toggle Horizontally.
Pressing the Ctrl key leaves the Sketch tool on your cursor, letting you use the tool several times in a row.

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