Creating model statements in Xactimate Admin

Updated 4 months ago by Jill Bowers

Model statements are used as opening and closing statements in projects. Model statements can be created and set as defaults at three levels: the user level, the instance level, and the profile level. 

  1. User statement. If the user creates a model statement and sets it as a default in Xactimate, that statement is used in their estimate. Even if a model statement has been set as a default at an instance level and/or a profile level, the statement set as default by the user will be the one used in the estimate. 
  2. Instance statement. If a user has not set a statement as a default, then the instance-level default statement is used in Xactimate. Even if a model statement has been set at a profile level, if a statement has been set as the default at an instance level, the instance statement will be the one used. 
  3. Profile statement. If no user or instance statements have been set as defaults, then model statements created and set as defaults at a profile level are used in estimates contained within that profile. 

Note: Setting model statements as defaults is not required. 

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