Creating profile forms in Xactimate Admin

Updated by Jill Bowers

When you create forms in Xactimate Admin, you can apply them to your profile and use them in any Xactimate platform to gather important information. 

To create profile forms: 

  1. Select the Forms tab.  
  2. Select Add Form

  1. Name the form. 
  2. Enter a description. 
  3. Select Add. This opens a new window. 
  4. Select Group
  5. Enter or edit the group name. 
  6. If necessary, enter the logic. The logic determines whether certain fields or text in the form are shown or hidden, or if certain questions appear.  
  7. On the right-hand side of the box, under Form navigation, select Add Fields. You may add as many fields as needed. 

  1. To see all the fields in the form at once instead of one at a time, select See Form Preview
  2. Select Exit Form Preview to close the preview. 
  3. When your form is ready, select Publish

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