FAQs for XactXpert

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General questions

  • What is XactXpert? XactXpert creates rules that investigate estimates and other projects based on the rules associated with your profile or instance. You can create your own rules or choose to implement any number of rules from Verisk Rules in Xactimate Admin’s Rules tab. 
  • What is the difference between Violations, Warnings, and Cautions? When XactXpert discovers that one of your rules is broken, it lets you know with alerts. There are three types of alerts: Violations, Warnings, and Cautions. 
    • Violation: The Violation alerts are the most serious. You must resolve the Violation before you can mark the project as Complete. You cannot ignore a Violation or use bypass notes.  
    • Warning: Warnings are still serious breaches but are not as urgent as Violations. To take care of a Warning, you can either fix the problem or enter a bypass note explaining why this Warning does not require any action. 
    • Cautions: Cautions are similar to notifications. They appear to let you know the progress of your project and the status of your estimate, but no action is required; they’re simply there to keep you informed. 
  • Will I be billed for rules that are run on someone else's profile? No, you will only be billed for rules that run on your own profile.

Xactimate Admin 

  • Where can I configure what rules are active and running for my organization? You can find this information in Xactimate Admin. 
    • Navigate to and open your profile or instance.  
    • In the navigation bar along the top of the screen, select the Rules tab.  
    • You’ll see a table with a list of rules currently running in your instance or profile. This is where you can configure rules. 
  • What is the difference between Process rules, Profile rules, and Verisk rules? 
    • Process rules – Process rules are similar to profile rules in that they're made by customers or were custom-made for our clients, but these rules run in the background, so users won't see them. Information about Process rules is only available in the Scorecard report in XactAnalysis. 
    • Profile rules – Profile rules are custom-made for individual profiles. 
    • Verisk rules – Verisk rules function as a library. The rules here are available to all profile and instance owners in Xactimate Admin. 
    • Instance rules – Instance Rules are custom-made for instances. 
  • Do rules run at the profile or instance level? You can run the rules at both the profile and instance level. 
  • How do I request a new rule? You can request a new rule through your Verisk Administrator. Your administrator then reaches out to the product team and notifies them of your request. 
  • What is the difference between an estimate rule and group rule? 
    • Estimate rules check the entire estimate for important information, including accuracy, incomplete fields, and other insights. 
    • Group rules check against rule requirements only inside of a group, such as a room or a roof, instead of an entire estimate. Group rules trigger any time any group meets the rule requirements. 
  • What does “Only run on complete” mean? If you select the Only run on complete checkbox, your estimate is only checked for errors right before you mark the estimate as Complete. If you don’t select the Only run on complete checkbox, your estimate is checked frequently throughout the project. 


  • When does the inspection run? If the Only run on complete checkbox is not selected, inspection rules are checked at regular frequencies throughout your estimate, including anytime the estimate changes. Most of these changes are updated and visible in real time. 
  • How do I ignore an alert? There are three types of alerts: Violations, Warnings, and Cautions. Certain actions must be taken to resolve the Violations and Warnings, but Cautions can be ignored. No action is needed if the alert is only a Caution. 
  • Where will I see my rules within an estimate? You do not see a list of rules inside your estimate itself, but you can see a list of rules that have been broken in both the Inspection results sidebar and the inspection wizard. 
  • Can I ignore rules in bulk? Only Violations and Warnings require attention. Cautions are the only alerts that can be ignored, both individually and in bulk. 
  • How do I resolve a rule in the new sidebar? If the sidebar shows a list of Xs indicating a broken rule, select the red X you want to resolve. Once you select the button, you are taken to the page where the rule was broken, and you can resolve the issue. Once the issue is resolved, the corresponding notification in the sidebar goes away. 
  • As an instance admin, can I use my own rules? You can use custom rules as long as the profile on which the estimate is being written already uses XactXpert. To request custom rules, please reach out to your Verisk account manager.

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