View Narrative Report in X1

  1. Open an estimate. 
  2. Navigate to Documents > Report Management
  3. Select the dropdown arrow next to Narrative report in the Navigation menu on the left. 
Note: Available reports vary depending on your profile and project type. 
  1. Select one of the four reports available as part of the Narrative report.   
    1. Narrative info: You can include insurance information and opening statements in this piece of your Narrative report, along with other information about the insured, insured information, and opening statements.  
    2. Estimated loss: The Estimated - one of the pieces of your Narrative report – loss shows information about loss, information, and insurance. You can add individual items from this page as well by selecting the Add button. 
    3. Narrative sections: Users can use this piece of their Narrative report to customize their lists, which might include insurance information, future activity, coverages, codes, and other information.   
    4. Additional information: With this piece of your Narrative report, you can add various notes and enclosure information. 
  2. Fill in the applicable information for the report. 
  3. Select Preview at the bottom of the screen to view and print the report. 
  4. Select Export to save or email the report as a PDF. 


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