Merge projects in Xactimate desktop

Updated by Heather Jones

Merging projects does not delete the original files; it copies data from the merged projects into either one of the projects or an additional new one, depending on the option you choose. Once you finish the merge, you can delete the extraneous projects.
  1. In the Project dashboard, select Local in the navigation menu on the left.
  2. Select two projects of the same type (Estimate, FEMA flood claims, or Valuation), then select the Merge icon in the project options menu on the right to open the Project Merge Wizard. You must select multiple projects for the Merge icon to appear.

  1. The Project Merge window opens to some instructions. Read them and select Next.
  2. Choose the source project in the Select Projects section (the final product will have only the claim information from the source and ignore the claim information from the other projects).
  3. In the Merge Info section, select how you want the data merged:
    1. To merge the projects into a new project, select New Project and add a name in the adjacent field.
    2. To combine the projects into the source project, select Source Project.
  4. Adjust the merging order in the Merging Order section to determine in which order the updated project will list sketches, line items, and photos (following the source project data). Select Finish.
You can also add projects to or remove projects from the merge in the Project Merge Wizard by selecting Add Projects or Remove Projects to the right of the Merging Order section and selecting the appropriate project(s).

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