Add a dormer to a roof in X1

  1. Open your estimate. 
  2. Select the Sketch tab. Pan to your roof in the Sketch workspace.
  3. In the Sketch Tools above, select the Roof drop-down arrow. 
  4. Select Dormer.
  5. Drag the dormer outline to the desired position over the roof object in Sketch, and click to place it. The Dormer dialog window appears.
  6. Enter your specifications for the dormer (Eave height, Slope, etc.).
  7. Click OK.
  8. If you want a dormer roof style other than gable, open the roof properties for the dormer you have created (either double-click the dormer name or select the properties icon () while the dormer is selected).
  9. Under Dimensions > Roof Type, select Gable to open the drop-down menu; select the appropriate roof type from the list.
  1. Make sizing, slope, and directional adjustments as necessary within the properties window and on the actual sketch of the dormer.

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