About XactScope

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XactScope is an interactive solution that combines a virtual property model with a scripted set of prompts to guide a user through scoping various types of property damage. The tool works within Xactimate to simplify claims by eliminating the need to individually add all items for an estimate, instead creating the items automatically based on the answers users give to the pre-programed prompts. The user's answers are applied to build a full estimate, including all the items that will be needed, in a fraction of the time it would take to manually create the estimate.

XactScope takes the previous Geomni Image to Scope (patent pending) solution that was part of a Geomni data package and fully integrates it into Sketch in Xactimate. XactScope works with customer-created Sketches, as well as other data imported from various sources. XactScope has also been expanded to cover scoping other types of property damage, such as those that require mitigation. It relies on the Xactimate Sketch tool to generate prompts for the user. It uses the answers to determine the items for the estimate and calculates quantities based on the sketch. You can manually create the sketch or import it from various sources.

XactScope is an added feature for Xactimate Professional users in Xactimate desktop (X1) and Xactimate online. You can also use XactScope in Xactimate mobile, but only for water mitigation. To activate XactScope for your profile in Xactimate Professional, contact your sales representative.

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