Associate Xactware forms in Xactimate Admin

Updated 3 months ago by Jill Bowers

In addition to creating and editing forms in Xactimate Admin, you can link existing Xactware forms with your profile.  

  1. Navigate to Profiles and select your profile.  
  2. Select the Forms tab.  
  3. Select Xactware Forms
  4. Click Associate Forms
  5. Select the checkbox or boxes of the form(s) you want to associate with your profile. To associate all forms, select the Select All checkbox at the top of the list. 
  1. Click Add at the bottom of the list. This closes the side window and associates the form with your profile. 

Disassociate an Xactware form

To remove a form from your profile: 

  1. Hover the cursor over the form’s row. A trash icon appears.  
  2. Select the icon to remove the form. 

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