Attach an image in Sketch in X1

Updated by Heather Jones

  1. From within your estimate, open the Sketch or Estimate Items window.
  2. In the list of line items, double-click the notes field for the appropriate line item.
  3. Select the drop-down menu (the default selection is Note) and change the selection to Image.
Note: If there is already a note for the line item, you must first select Add at the top right to create a new note.
  1. To import an image from your computer, select Load.
  2. In the window that appears, navigate to and select the appropriate image.
Note: You can select multiple images from the same folder, but they will all appear as separate notes in the Notes window. You must modify them separately.
  1. Make modifications to the name, date, and username, as necessary.
  1. Select Close when you are satisfied with your additions.

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