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For Xactimate to automatically calculate roofing waste, it needs information from both Eagle View (also known as Roof Measurements) and Vendor Exchange (also known as Vendor Data).

Vendor Exchange requests are automatically sent as needed, and, when returned, data is automatically imported into the relevant assignments. Eagle View requests, however, must be sent manually, and the corresponding roof measurement data must be imported manually.

Importing Eagle View data after Vendor Exchange data is already applied

When you receive Eagle View data, you must import it into your assignment. If Vendor Exchange information is already applied to your assignment, roof waste can be calculated automatically once the Eagle View data import is complete.

  1. When Eagle View data is delivered, notifications appear in the Projects page of Xactimate. Open the assignment to which the data applies.
  2. To import and apply Eagle View data, navigate to Sketch > Tools.
  3. Select the icon that indicates that Eagle View data is available.

This opens an Import Selection window where you can choose to import Eagle View information.

  1. In the window, select Import. If Vendor Exchange items are already part of the assignment, another window opens to ask about Vendor Exchange items. This window only opens if both Eagle View data and Vendor Exchange data are available.
  • Select Yes to move Vendor Exchange data into the roof created with Eagle View data. This will automatically calculate roof waste.
  • Select No only if the item in Sketch is not a roof (which is unlikely). By selecting No, roof waste will not be calculated automatically. Instead, the user will have to copy and paste information manually to calculate roof waste.
  1. If you selected Yes, navigate to the Estimate Items screen to see that new data has been applied and the roof waste has been automatically calculated.

You might notice several differences on this page:

  • Vendor Exchange data is now part of the Eagle View Roof1 grouping.
  • Line-item quantities that were previously at zero are now at their appropriate amounts.
  • Automatic roof waste calculation is complete. The shingle line items now have an attached note that includes the correct waste percentage.

Ensure Vendor Data is applied after Eagle View data has already been imported

If you receive Eagle View data first, you must import the Eagle View data and then wait for Vendor Exchange information to be applied to the assignment before roof waste can be calculated.

  1. When Vendor Exchange information is received and automatically applied to an assignment, notifications appear in the Projects page. When you receive these notifications, open the corresponding assignment.
  2. Navigate to Estimate > Estimate Items.
  3. Verify that Vendor Exchange information is part of the Eagle View sketch roof.
  4. Open the notes attached to roof items to verify that roof waste has been automatically calculated and added.

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