Unlock a project in Xactimate desktop

A project locks when it is checked out by a user (downloaded to their Local project list). Also, if you have the project downloaded on another device, or had it downloaded when you uninstalled the program (and did not sync before uninstalling), it locks under your name.

You cannot edit a locked project until it is unlocked. The project unlocks when the user who checked it out exits the project and syncs it to the cloud.

You can take ownership of a locked project if you have adequate user rights by doing the following:

  1. In your Cloud project list, double-click the locked project. A prompt appears, displaying the name of the user who checked out the project and the date the project was last saved.
  1. To break the lock and download the last saved version of the project, select Yes.

You now have ownership of the project. Any changes made by the previous owner will be saved as a copy.

Admins can also unlock a project without taking ownership, thus making it available for other users to access without the original user returning the project. To unlock a locked project, do the following:

  1. In the Cloud project list, select a project by clicking anywhere on the line and add any additional projects by selecting the checkbox on the left in their respective lines.
  2. With your project(s) selected, select the break lock icon () in the right menu to break the Checked Out status.

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