Edit external item source

The External Item Source tab allows you to enter or edit contents items while viewing an external vendor website. This tab can be accessed from the Pricing subtab next to the General Quotes item tab.

  1. In an estimate, click the XactContents tab.
  2. If you have not selected a Price List, a dialog box appears. Select the preferred Price List and click OK.

  3. From the Pricing subtab, click the External Item Source tab in the Item Description and Search pane.
  4. Click an item from the Inventory pane and select a website from the links below.
  5. The website you click will appear with the search term populated, and you will be able to edit the description, reported and unit cost as well as the quantity of the item you were searching for and then add it to the estimate.
  6. When finished editing, simply click the next item in your inventory to save any changes.

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