Sketching cabinets

Updated by Heather Jones

Users can now add cabinets to sketches easily through the use of the block feature. These let users add accurately-sized 3D cabinets to a sketch. 

Placing Cabinets

To place cabinets in your sketch, select the drop-down menu for Block and then the cabinet type. Once you select the appropriate cabinet type, you can simply click in the space to place a default cabinet, or you can click and drag to place a custom-sized cabinet in the sketch. 

Default Dimensions

Default cabinets are 3 feet long. The other dimensions depend upon the cabinet type. 

Lower Cabinets 
  • 2 feet deep 
  • 3’ height 
  • 0 base height 
Upper Cabinets 
  • 1 foot deep 
  • 2’6” height 
  • 4’6” base height 
Full Cabinets 
  • 2 feet deep 
  • 7’ height 
  • 0 base height 

Cabinet Properties 

You have multiple options for cabinet properties, including how they appear in the sketch. 

Cabinet textures 

In 3D view, you can view a cabinet as just a green block or with a preprogrammed texture. To enable textures, open the View Properties menu by right-clicking within the Sketch workspace and selecting View Properties from the menu, then setting 3D Details to Textured.  

Face Type 

The face type determines whether the cabinet has drawers or doors. 

Number of face sections 

The number of face sections determines how many side-by-side sections of drawers or doors are included in the cabinet. You can modify this by opening the cabinet properties (double-click the cabinet or right-click and select Properties). 

  • The default number of sections is 0 but changes depending on the size of the cabinet (one section for cabinets less than 4 feet long, two for a cabinet 4 feet long, 3 for a cabinet 6 feet long, etc.) 
  • To modify the number of sections, change Auto to Manual, as shown in the figure. 


Configuring complex cabinets 

If you need to create a cabinet that has both doors and drawers, create two separate cabinets next to each other. 




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