View a structure’s variables in Sketch

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Xactimate uses variables to represent different measurements. When you use variables, you don’t need to enter actual quantities for a specific price list item. If you resize a room in Sketch, Xactimate automatically adjusts the calculation for all the items entered in your estimate.  

  1. Open an estimate.
  2. Click the Sketch tab.
  3. Right click a structure and select Properties.
  4. Click Variables.

Here are some of the more common variables used in Xactimate:

  •   Ceiling area
  •   Floor area
  •   wall area
  • WC   wall and ceiling area
  • SY   Square yards of floor
  • PF   Perimeter of floor
  • PC   Perimeter of ceiling
  • LL   Long wall length
  • SH   Short wall height
  • HH   Tall wall height
  •   Volume
  • EA   Each
  • FLR_RMV   Area of flooring material removed.

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