Add bathroom items

Updated by Jill Bowers

  1. Add the following items to the Bathroom
    1. NETMOY — Clean surfaces
    2. NETLMPM — Clean the track light
    3. NETÉV — Clean the sink
    4. NETTLT — Clean the toilet
    5. NETBGNENC — Clean the bathtub and surrounds
    6. NETP — Clean, strip, and wax the floor
  2. To clean 3’ × 3’ mirrors, click Sketch.
  3. Search for the NETMIR code and select it. Right-click in the Bathroom.
  4. Click Calc. Click 3, ×, 3. Click OK.
  5. Click OK again. Then click inside the Bathroom.
  6. The toilet paper holder and the two towel rails are considered bathroom accessories. To clean the three bathroom accessories, search for the NETBAC item, change the Calc field to 3, and add the item to the Bathroom.
  7. To clean the vanity, search for the NETMLAV code and select it. A square representing the vanity will appear below the cursor.
  8. Move the vanity to the southeast corner of the Bathroom and click to place the vanity.
  9. Once in place, the dimensions of the vanity can be adjusted in the same way as you would adjust the dimensions of a room. Click the west corner of the vanity and drag it to a length of 3’.

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