New Projects tab in XactAdmin

Updated 4 months ago by Jill Bowers

The Projects tab inside XactAdmin Instances allows users to see a list of projects and important project information for all profiles in the instance, depending on the filters in place. 

Inside the Projects tab, users can delete projects, restore them, check in a project, or import or export projects. 

Users can also search for projects and set filters, similar to the filter options in Xactimate online. 

The Projects table includes the following information about various projects and can be customized using the vertical ellipsis.

  • Project name 
  • Claim number 
  • Insured 
  • Home phone 
  • Profile 
  • Status 
  • Total 
  • Modified 
  • Owner 
  • Date created 
  • Number of items 

You can customize the table as desired. 

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