Creating template documents

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You can create custom documents, letters, and reports that use data from an estimate. These appear with the reports within the estimate.

Create a template

To create a template, write and save your report in Microsoft Word and include an appropriate token anywhere you want to auto-populate information (see the following section for details on adding tokens). Tokens represent data that will appear in a document or report template and are each derived from either fields in the estimate or values calculated based on the estimate. When you export the document, the tokens are replaced with corresponding data from the estimate.

For example:

Date of Loss: [DATE_LOSS]
Our File Number: [FILE_NO]
Report Date: [DATE_CURRENT]

Note: For a full list of available tokens, navigate to Tools > Tokens from the project list.

Insert tokens

To insert tokens in your document:

  1. Open Xactimate and navigate to Tools in the main side menu.
  2. Scroll to the Tokens section.
  3. Find the appropriate token (either scroll through the list or do a keyword search).
  4. Select the token to copy it.
  5. Paste the token in your template document.

Import a template to Xactimate

  1. Close the Word document/template.
  2. Open an estimate.
  3. Navigate to Documents > Reports.
  4. Open the Documents tab and the Template Docs tab under it.
  5. Select Import to open File Explorer.
  6. Open the appropriate template file.

Generate a document by using a template

  1. Open an estimate.
  2. Navigate to Documents > Reports.
  3. Open the Documents tab and the Template Docs tab under it.
  4. Select a template, then select Export Report.
  5. Choose a location in the File Explorer window that appears, and select Save. The report generates in that location with the token data automatically populated.

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