Loading macros in Xactimate online

Updated by Jill Bowers

A macro is a saved list of line items you can add to a structure. Using macros is a more efficient way to replicate repetitive tasks. 

Load macros 

In Sketch 

  1. On the Sketch tab, select Options
  2. Select a structure on the Sketch workspace. 
  3. Select Macros in the Sketch ribbon to open the macros dialog box. 
  4. Select a macro and select Add.  
  5. The Macros information window appears. Select Macro options and fill out line item information as needed. 
  6. Select OK

In Estimate items - method one 

  1. On the Estimate items tab, select Items
  2. Select Macros

  1. In the Grouping pane, select a structure or group. 
  2. In the Macros pane, select a macro.  
  3. Select Run. The item is added to the structure or group you selected. 

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