Adjust the calculation of an item by quantity, unit, or price in X1

Updated 2 years ago by Rachel Wilson

  1. Under Estimate items, on the Items tab, search for and add an item.
  2. Select the item in the list below the Quick entry pane to view item information.
  3. To change the area calculation of an item, click the Calculator button next to Calc in the Quick entry pane.
  4. Place your cursor over any variable for a description, and select a variable. 
  5. Enter a number, variable, or formula.
  6. Click the Equal button to see the new calculation, and click OK. 
  7. To change the unit measurement, select the drop-down menu next to Calc, select a unit of measure, and click OK.
  8. To change the price of each unit, type the new price next to the Replace price calculator

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