Adjust the calculation of an item by quantity, unit, or price in X1

Updated by Heather Jones

Select the appropriate line item from the Quick Entry pane (Estimate > Estimate Items > Items).

Changing the area calculation

1.     Select the Calculator button next to Calc (1).

2.     In the Calculator window that opens, select the appropriate variable.

Note: You can place your cursor over any variable for details on how it applies.

3.     Enter a number, variable, or formula.

Note: You can select the equal button to preview the new calculation.

4.     Select OK.

Changing the unit measurement

1.     Select the drop-down menu to the side of Calc (2) and select a unit of measure.

2.     Select OK.

Changing the price

3.     Select the Replace Price field (3).

4.     Enter the appropriate value.

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