Declare add-on parameters in X1

Updated 2 years ago by Jake D.

In the Add-ons category, you can declare and adjust any extras that could affect the estimate, such as Depreciation, Overhead and profit, and Market conditions.

  1. Open an estimate.
  2. On the Claim info tab, click Parameters.
  3. In the Add-ons section, click the Show tags box to attach additional information to a line item, such as a date or vendor number.
  4. Typically, when a line item price is changed due to market conditions, it is added as a lump sum. Click the Distribute market conditions to distribute the market conditions value across Labor, Equipment, and Material costs.
  5. Click Include advance payments to record any advanced payment activity.
  6. Click Salvage/restored to default salvage and restoration calculations based on a lump sum or line items salvaged.
  7. Click Labor burdens to view the labor burden factors for your estimate.
  8. Click Sales tax to add taxes that may not be included in your price list.
  9. Click Additional charges to add a charge that wouldn’t be included elsewhere in the estimate (e.g. a permit).
  10. Select the desired Depreciation options.
  11. Overhead and profit (O&P) are calculated from the estimate total. When the Cumulative overhead and profit box is selected, Overhead is calculated first and added to the total. Profit is then calculated from the new total.

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