Add an angled tread to a staircase in X1

  1. Create a staircase that has the general shape you need (for spiral staircases, see Add a spiral staircase in X1).
  2. Select the entire staircase or only one section (e.g., a landing or one flights of steps), depending on which sections have the angled tread (ensure that you are not selecting only a wall).
Note: Each section will have its own angled thread settings, so you will need to adjust each of them separately in Steps 7–8.
  1. Select the Properties icon ()
  2. Navigate to the Staircase section.
  3. Select the field to the right of Angled Treads (titled No if angled treads are not activated) to activate the dropdown menu and select the arrow that appears.
  4. Select Yes to activate the angled treads.
  5. With the appropriate sections selected, select the angled tread crosshairs.
  6. Drag the crosshairs to the desired angle.

When the tread is added to the staircase, the existing tread heights are automatically adjusted to compensate.

View this Xactimate Xpert Tip for additional details:

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