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3d grid

A three dimenstional view for your sketch​​ in Xactimate

Actual cash value

This is what an item is worth after the item's depreciation has been removed from the replacement cost.​


​Coverage refers to a detailed agreement between the insured and the insurance company about what will be reimbursed in the event of a claim.

Green items

​Green items are certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as resource efficient. They use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As an added bonus, they save money. ​

Additional living expenses

These are expenses other than food and lodging incurred while the insured cannot safely live at home.

Adjusted amount

The base amount of an item minus the cost of labor. ​

Adjusted price

The price of an item including the cost of labor.


Insurance carriers send adjusters to the loss site to build an estimate of the damage.

Advance payments

These payments are made to the insured before any portion of the claim has been processed.​

Agent contact

This field in Xactimate contains the agent's contact information​. ​


This is the maximum amount an insurer will pay to settle the insured's claims​.

Agreed appraisal report

This claim report shows appraisal information and is accessible in Report Management​.

Allow blocked content

You can c​hange your browser settings so it no longer block parts of Xactimate online.

Angled treads

​These are stair treads that run at an angle​​; they include spiral stairs, 90-degree turns, or other stairs with treads that do not run parallel.


An assignment is an estimate created in XactAnalysis. It is assigned to an adjuster or contractor who then completes it in Xactimate.

Base amount

Base amounts are the costs associated with the minimum labor hours that the service provider or contractor charges for work. This value varies by the type of labor and the area.

Bay window

​A window that protrudes from the outside wall.


A tool in Sketch that allows you to offset a wall​. ​


Roof shingles are purchased in bundles, usually including 29 sheets. ​

Calculator button

A clickable icon that brings up a calculator to help change entries in Xactimate.


When using Sketch AR, calibrating your device allows it to recognize the dimensions of a room​​​​. Calibration adjusts the device based on the surroundings to ensure it can measure correctly.

Category (pl)

Every line item in a price list has a category and selector, often shortened as CAT/SEL. The category appears as three letters, such as ACC for accessories, ELE for electrical, and many others. The category helps quickly identify items in a price list.

Claim correspondence

C​ommunication about a claim.

Claim number

​The identification number for the claim.


​A policyholder or customer of an insurance company making a claim.

Closing statement

​A model statement that appears on the final page of printed documents


The Cloud is a secure online data storage that allows users to access and update projects at any time through any Xactimate platform.

Collateral damage

​Collaterol damage affects something other than the intended target​.

Company header

​A customized header for your company that appears at the top of documents.


​The individual materials, equipment, and labor specialists that make up a line item and are needed to complete a project.​

Component code

A unique identifier for a component in a price list.​

Component cost

T​he cost of the materials, equipment, and labor specialists that make up a line item.

Contact manager

​A small application that manages the database of contacts used in estimates, such as homeowners or adjusters.

Contents Collaboration

​A product that allows the insured to create an inventory of their lost personal property.

Continuous add

Allows the user to add several rooms at once to the Grouping pane.


​A person or company that works on a contract basis.

Cumulative overhead and profit

When Cumulate Overhead and Profit is selected, overhead is calculated first and added to the total. Profit is then calculated from the new total. ​

Custom status indicator

In XactContents, status indicators alert the user that further action is required. You can create up to four custom status indicators.​

Custom statuses dialog

You can customize a status in the custom status dialog. 

Data transfer

​​A feature in Xactimate which ​exports and backs up data. In some versions of Xactimate, this is done automatically. In others, a manual sync may be required.


​The amount the insured must pay before the insurance company covers their claim​.

Default overhead & profit

The default overhead and profit sets the overhead and profit percentage for estimates. Users can find this in Preferences > Pricing.

Default price list

Users can set a default price list in Preferences > Pricing. When set, that price list is used for items in that project by default.


The subsequent tasks of a scheduled task​. ​

Detach & reset

One of the options in the Action (Act) list for line items​.

Direct hours

Hours worked by employees who are directly performing the labor. ​


​A brand of laser used to measure distances.

Door swing

​The direction that a door opens, which determines the hinge position on the door.


An environment is where software programs run. Environments include necessary tools and settings software needs to operate. ​

Equipment component

The equipment, such as tractors, shampooers, or pumps, that are part of a line item and are needed to complete a project.​

Eservice center

​In the eService center, you can speak with a customer support specialist 24/7, 363 days a year via online chat. You can also access a database with documents, videos, product tips, and more.


Can be a generic term used for claims entered into Xactimate; however, general estimates can be divided into three project types: estimate, valuation, and FEMA flood. For the more specific "estimate," it includes information on the customer, claim, loss, and property as well as a sketch of the effected property and a list of line items to be repaired or replaced. An estimate is considered an assignement if it was originally created in XactAnalysis.

Estimate items

​Line items added to an estimate.​​​

Estimate reports

T​he available reports for an estimate.


One of the file extensions for compressed files exported from Xactimate.

Exposure list

The exposure list can be found in the Roof Waste tool. From here, you can select the verticle amount of shingle tab material visible in the starter course. ​

Express view

The Express View provides a reduced interface, allowing for quicker adjusting for call center agents and desk adjusters.​


In Sketch, you can "Zoom to Extents" to view the entire sketch​. ​

External item source

In XactContents, the External Item Source tab allows you to enter or edit contents items while viewing an external vendor website​. From here, you can select Verify Price to attach a link to the item and the date as a line item note.


The outer surfaces of a roof​.


Federal Emergency Management Agency

Fema flood

One of four project types: estimate, valuation, FEMA flood claim, and assignment. A FEMA flood is a project in which the cause of loss was a flood and the company is planning to obtain some funds through FEMA (US projects only).


Federal Insurance Contributions Act

Floor waste

Floor waste is flooring material that is left over after all of the cuts have been made.


A flush is a door with a flat surface and no panels or elaborate designs​ on either side. ​

Gantt chart

A gantt chart uses multiple horizontal lines to compare the progress of a project to its planned schedule​. ​


​A geocode is the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of a physical address.

Hip roof

A hip roof's sides slope downwards to the walls.

Hung window

A hung window uses sliding sashes to open and control airflow​​.

Icc adjuster report

This Flood form is available on the Claim Info tab under Report Management.

Inspection wizard

​The inspection wizard alerts you if there are discrepancies in your sketch or estimate.


​An instance is a virtual installation of Xactimate. Instances can be compared to network installations of Xactimate but in an online environment.

Insur. carried req %

Insurance Carried Required Percentage is the ratio of insurance coverage to the value of the property insured.​

Insurance carried required percentage

Abbreviated to "Insur. Carried Req %" in the Loss Recap window, this is the ratio of insurance coverage to the value of the property insured​. ​


​ITEL Laboratories delivers fast, independent pricing and matching for flooring, roofing, and siding claims. The integration between ITEL and Property Estimating Solutions allows the lab to automatically apply test results to estimates.

Item scenario

With the Item Scenario tool, you can create temporary changes to an estimate that allow you to view different scenarios for upgrading, downgrading, replacing, or excluding items.


This alpha-numeric code is similar to a license. Every keycode is unique and grants users full access to Xactimate.

Labor component

A labor component refers to labor specialists, such as carpenters or mechanics, who are part of a line item and are needed to complete a project.​

Labor minimums

​Labor minimums are used to calculate the minimum charge that a contractor will allow, which covers drive-time, setup time, etc.

Left hand door swing

A left-hand door swing refers to a door that swings open to the left.


The legend view in Sketch displays the level and direction of the sketch​.


​Macros are a saved list of line items that you can add to an estimate.

Material component

Material components are the physical materials, such as nails or drywall, which are part of a line item and are needed to complete a project.​

Max depreciation

The max depreciation is the maximum percentage by which any line item may be depreciated.

Merge wizard

​The merge projects wizard allows you to merge one or more projects.​​​

Mobile home worksheet

The mobile home worksheet form is available under Documents > Report Management > Flood Form.

Model statements

Model statements are prewritten statements entered in XactAdmin that a user can add at the beginning or ending of an estimate report inside of Xactimate.

Narrative info

The Narrative info is part of the Narrative Report, which is available under Documents > Report Management > Claim Reports.

Narrative sections

Narrative sections are part of the Narrative Report, which is available under Documents > Report Management > Claim Reports. 

National flood insurance program

Part of FEMA, the NFIP offers flood insurance to homeowners, renters, and business owners in participating communities.


National Flood Insurance Program​

Opening statement

​An opening statement is a model statement that appears on the title page of printed documents.

Ortho rotate

​The Ortho rotate option in Sketch includes staircases, rooms, roofs, reference objects, or blocks. Click to draw an angle on the Sketch workspace, and then click again to rotate the selected object.​


An overcut is a cut from a saw that is longer than necessary​.


An overhang is t​he amount of material hanging over the edge of a roof or stair step.


​Overhead is expenses that are not directly attributed to the work being performed​.


When the ARC exceeds RC Benefits, the insurance adjuster has to approve the overage. They do that by overriding the charge in Payment Tracker.​

Payment tracker

Payment Tracker allows you to record and track ACV/RCV, advance payments, receipts, and other important payment information.

Policy limit

​The policy limit is the dollar amount for which the insured is covered​. Any expenses that exceed the policy limit are not covered by the insurance.

Policy number

​The policy number is a unique number used to identify an insurance policy​. 

Policy type

​The policy type is a type of coverage available through an insurance policy, such as a homeowner or commercial​ policy.

Price list item

Price list items are all the items that can be added to an estimate or assignment from the selected price list.

Print (reports)

Print does not send an estimate to the printer; rather, it opens the Reports tab where users can select reports, customerize them, and preview them as PDFs. Users can then print from their PDF viewer.


Profiles are company-specific pre-determined estimating settings. These settings include various depreciation defaults, security groups, available vendors, and many other preferences, and can be set by profile owners in Xactimate Admin. When an independent adjuster works with multiple companies, they may have access to multiple profiles within their instance. This often includes one profile for each company they work with.  


​The added cost of financial gain inside of a project​.

Property estimating solutions green items list

​A list of items that qualify as Green. These are typically items that can qualify for or assist in earning one or more LEED credit points. Each item on the list has been assessed by an Property Estimating Solutions LEED Accredited Professional. Items are selected to this list when they have inherently green characteristics (for example, bamboo or cork flooring) or when green techniques and/or materials are available for the same cost as the conventional approach (for example, cleaning with green products, using recycled products, and using qualified regional products).​

Property estimating solutions leed accredited professional

​A person certified by Property Estimating Solutions as a professsional knowledgeable in Leadership in Enery & Environment Design (LEED). best practices. LEED is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.

Quick code

A code that, depending on the circumstances, can represent estimators, claim representatives, companies, contractors, claimants, agencies, or company headers. ​

Real cash value

The adjusted cash amount plus sales tax and overhead & profit​.

Reclaim item(s)

Removes items from the currently assigned adjuster and allows you to reassign them​. ​

Right hand

On the right side​.

Roof insight

​Roof InSight is the quick and painless way to seamlessly get roof dimensions and data into an estimate. This data includes high-resolution aerial images, dimensions in the native Xactimate format, and much more. ​

Roof waste

Roofing material left over from a job. ​


Materials/items that are saved from a loss​​.

Save log

​In the Transfer Results window, the Save Log allows users to save a copy of the transfer session.

Save snapshot

​Snapshot is a feature in Xactimate that is used to capture amounts and line items to compare with another set of amounts and line items in the same estimate. The user clicks the Save Snapshot button to capture one set of amounts and line items (a Snapshot) to compare with another.

Scenario walkthroughs

Help examples that walk you through common estimating tasks step by step.​​

Security group setup dialog box

Allows you to add, edit, and delete security groups​​​​.

Select standard

Select a standard door or window.​

Selector codes

Unique codes for individual line items in a category​.

Shape box

​A toolbox in Xactimate that houses different shapes the user can apply to a sketch.


S​ketch is the program within Xactimate in which users can draw a digital blueprint of the loss ​site.

Sketch ar

This tool allows users to create detailed floorplans in Xactimate through use of the camera on their mobile device.​

Sketch gallery

​An online repository that houses sketches users can download and apply to their projects.

Sketch level

This represents the floor level within the Sketch platform.

Sketch ribbon

​The row of icons that appears as a menu in the Sketch tab.

Sketch workspace

The area in-app where a user creates a Sketch drawing of the loss site. ​


​When drawing a sketch of a property, Xactimate helps users accurately place an item by automatically pulling the user's icon/tool to an area calculated by Xactimate to be most helpful. The tool/icon is said to "snap" into place.

Soft goods

​Non-durable goods such as bedding and clothing​.


A board covering the ends of the steps in a staircase​​

Study mode

​In Xactimate, Study Mode allows the user to rotate and inspect a 3D sketch model.

Suite data path

​The path on the local hard drive where Xactimate ​is installed.


After an insurance claim has been submitted, it can be changed by adding a supplement. The supplement includes details of all changes since the claim was submitted.​

Supporting events

​Calculations that modify the price, such as waste and labor loss of productivity due to working in a restoration environment​.

Target completion date

​The deadline for the completion of an entire project.

Tax jurisdiction

A geographical area with its own tax regulations​​.


​A field of information that can be updated automatically in your model statement and Microsoft documents.

Total rise

The total height increase of stairs.​​

Transfer results window

Allows you to save a copy of the data transfer session after restoring data from a removable drive​​.

Transfer type

​The type of data transfer you are performing in Xactimate (users can select Cloud, XactAnalysis, or Folder)​.

Tread base height

​The base height of the horizontal portion of a step that a person stands on.

Tread depth

The width of the horizontal portion of a step that a person stands on. ​

Tread overhang

The finished edge of a step that covers the horizontal portion of a step​ that a person stands on. ​


Indicates that the item has not been categorized or reviewed​.

User instance

Instances are like company accounts. To access projects in Xactimate you must belong to an instance. Each instance has users, profiles, and projects that belong to it. The number of users that can be added to an instance varies based on your subscription.  

Valley list

A list of roof valley (where two roof slopes meet) types​.


One of four project types: estimate, valuation, FEMA flood claim, and assignment. A valuation is a project in which there was a total loss and everything, including the entire building structure and all its contents, must be replaced.

Vendor items

Items that you can buy from a retailer in Verisk’s merchant partner network​. ​

Walk-through mode

An option in Sketch that allows you to see a 3D view of your sketch as if you were walking through it​.


Extra material that is left over from a job​. ​


​Condensed, fast-paced videos that focus on practical product information.

Zero total

The Zero Total (red) Satus indicator means that the item has a total Replacement Cost Value equal to zero. ​​This could be because the item has a quantity or unit price of zero.

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