Record Payments

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Record payments in Payment Tracker

Any payments recorded by Payment Tracker are automatically added to the Payments tab.  

You may only record ACV or deferred payments after the estimate has been marked complete.

To record a payment follow the steps below:

  1. In the payment calculator at the bottom of Payment Tracker, click Record Payment.
  2. If known, enter the check number.
  3. Select the check box(s) of the appropriate coverage.
  4. Enter additional information in the Notes/Comments box.
  5. If you’d like to preview the payment, click Payment Preview to open the Payment Details report in a new tab.
  6. Click Record Payment.

The payment is now recorded and can be viewed in the Payments tab.

Record advance payments

You cannot record an advance payment after the estimate has been marked complete.

  1. In the Claim Info tab, click Parameters.
  2. In the Add-Ons group, click Advance Payments.
  3. Click Add.
  4. If know, enter the check number.
  5. Click the Advance Payment field.
  6. Enter the amount paid.
  7. Enter any notes or comments.
  8. Click Record Payment.
  9. Click Close.

Record RC Benefits

In some cases, you may want to pay the full RC benefit for an item without waiting for the insured to replace it and turn in a receipt.

Paying the RC benefits means that the total amount held back by depreciation will be paid.

  1. 1.   On the Worksheet tab, right-click the item.
  2. 2.   Click Pay RC Benefits.
  3. 3.   Click Record the Payment.

Record a loss of use payment

  1. In Payment Tracker, click the Payments tab.
  2. Right-click in the list of payments.
  3. Select Make Loss of Use Payment.
  4. Enter the check number.
  5. Enter the amounts in the Amount to Pay fields for the corresponding expense types.
  6. Add any notes or comments.
  7. Click Record Payment.

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