Set default preferences in Xactimate desktop

This article is for the new version of Xactimate. If you are using Xactimate version 28, please see the Xactimate 28 helps.

In the Project Dashboard you can set default preferences for your General user account, specific Projects, Pricing, Sketch, and 3rd Party vendors. These defaults are applied to new projects only. After setting program defaults, you can still make changes within individual projects to fit the specific needs of the project.

In the navigation menu on the left of the project dashboard, select Preferences.

Select General to:
  • Save your User Signature (this only appears on reports that include a signature).
  • Adjust your Project List to display Project Name, Insured Name, or both.
Select Project to:
  • Set Personnel defaults like Claim Representatives, Contractors, or References.
  • Set default Report Headers, Opening Statements, and Closing Statements.
  • Indicate Administrative information like whether a Catastrophe Code is required, if an Item Description should be preserved when replaced, or if an inspection was not performed.
  • Add Loss details like the city, state, date of loss, type of loss, Category Code, and cause of loss.
  • Indicate when the prompt occurs to Re-sequence Line Numbers (on complete or on print).
  • Add Tags.
Select Pricing to:
  • Choose a Default price list, which allows you to automatically load the same price list for all new estimates. You can select a Default price list, Tax jurisdiction, and Filter.
  • Select Zip/Postal code price matching, which loads a price list for the insured’s address for each new estimate.
  • Set Depreciation type to Recoverable or Non-recoverable, and set the price to Depreciate by Percentage, Amt, or Age/Condition.
  • Define Overhead and profit percentages and indicate whether they are cumulative or not.
  • Track Structural or Contents payments by Room or Category.
  • Set Calculation options like apply labor minimums, new construction, distribute market conditions, pay ACV prompt when completing, and include advance payments.
  • Add additional charges with Descriptions, Types, and Amounts.
Select Sketch, then the View/Edit tab to:
  • Edit Object handle pixel size. Handles are the blue squares and red diamonds used to manipulate objects in the Sketch work space.
  • Adjust Object rotate mode, Grid display, and Object snapping preferences.
  • Enable DISTO integration.
  • Set View defaults and adjust settings to personalize what you see in your Sketch work space.
Select Sketch, then the Placement tab to:
  • Adjust defaults for Rooms, Windows, Doors, Staircases, and Construction regions.
Select Sketch, then the Calculations tab to:
  • Select or deselect Automatic calculation settings.
  • Adjust defaults for Flooring, Reference blocks, and Wall openings.
Select 3rd Party to:
  • Select or deselect Vendors.
  • Adjust Vendor defaults.

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