iOS icons & category codes

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APP: Appliances

APM: Appliances: Major without install

APS: Appliances: Small


CAP: Cont, clean appliances

CDC: Cont, garment & soft goods cln

CEL: Cont, clean electric items

CGN: Cont, clean general items

CHF: Cont, clean hard furniture

CLN: Cleaning


CNC: Concrete & asphalt

Contents Handling

AMA: Automotive & motorcycle acc.

ANT: Antiques & vintage goods

ARC: Art restoration, conservation

ART: Artwork

BGE: Business goods &equipment

BMP: Books, magazines, & periodicals

CCE: Cameras, camcorders, & equipment

CLH: Clothing & accessories

CLM: Cont, clean lamps or vases

CMP: Computers & related goods

CON: Content manipulation

CPS: Cont, packing, handling, storage

CUP: Cont, clean, upholstery and soft

CWH: Cont, ceiling & wall hangings

GUN: Firearms & accessories

HDF: Housewares: dining & flatware

HLT: Health & medical supplies

HOB: Hobbies & collectibles

HSW: Housewares: Home decor

INF: Infant & baby-related goods

JWL: Jewelry & watches

KCW: Kitchenware

LGP: Lawn, garden, & patio

LIN: Linens & soft goods

LUG: Luggage, bags, & accessories

MMM: Music, movies, & media

MUS: Musical instruments & equipment

OFS: Office supplies

PCB: Personal care & beauty

PER: Perishable, nonperishable

PET: Pen & animal supplies

SPG: Sporting goods & outdoors

TOL: Tools

TOY: Toys & games


DMO: General demolition

Doors, Windows

DOR: Doors

GLS: Glass, glazing, & storefronts

WDA: Windows: Aluminum

WDP: Windows: Sliding patio doors

WDR: Window re-glazing & repair

WDS: Window: Skylights

WDT: Window treatment

WDV: Windows: Vinyl

WDW: Windows: Wood

Earthwork, Landscape

EXC: Excavation

LND: Landscaping

Electrical, Lighting

ELC: Electronics

ELE: Electrical

ELS: Electrical, special systems

LIT: Light fixtures


EQA: Misc.: Equipment, agricultural

EQC: Misc.: Equipment, commercial

EQU: Heavy equipment

Exterior Add-ons

AWN: Awnings & patio covers

POL: Swimming pools & spas

XST: Exterior structures

Exterior Finishes

MAS: Masonry

SDG: Siding

SFG: Soffit, fascia, & gutter

STU: Stucco & exterior plaster


FEN: Fencing

Finish Carpentry

CAB: Cabinetry

FNC: Finish carpentry, trim work

PNL: Paneling & wood wall finishes


FPL: Fireplaces

FPS: Fire protection systems

Floor Covering

FCC: Floor covering: Carpet

FCR: Floor covering: Resilient

FCS: Floor covering: Stone

FCT: Floor covering: Ceramic tile

FCV: Floor covering: Vinyl

FCW: Floor covering: Wood


FRN: Furniture: Home and office


FNH: Finish hardware

MSD: Mirrors & shower doors

TBA: Toilet & bathroom accessories


HVC: Heat, vent, & air conditioning



INM: Insulation: Mechanical

INS: Insulation

MPR: Moisture protection


LAB: Labor only


CAS: Cash & securities

CRD: Credit

DOC: Documents & valuable papers

FEC: Fees: Contents misc.

USR: User-defined items

Mobile Home

ACC: Accessories: Mobile home

MSK: Mobile homes, skirting, & setup

Paint, Wallpaper

PNT: Painting

WPR: Wallpaper

Permits, Fees

FEE: Permits & fees


PLM: Plumbing


HMR: Hazardous material remediation

TCR: Trauma/crime scene remediation

WTR: Water extraction & remediation


RFG: Roofing

Rough Carpentry

FRM: Framing & rough carpentry

STR: Stairs

TMB: Timber framing


ORI: Ornamental iron

SPE: Specialty items


MTL: Metal structures & components

STJ: Steel joist components

STL: Steel components


SCF: Scaffolding

TMP: Temporary repairs

Tile, Marble

MBL: Marble: Cultured or natural

TIL: Tile

Wall, Ceiling, Finishes

ACT: Acoustical treatments

DRY: Drywall

PLA: Interior lath & plaster

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