Video Collaboration

Updated by Heather Jones

If you have ClaimXperience and are using an iOS device, you can access it from the main page of Xactimate mobile by tapping the hamburger menu on the top left and navigating to More > ClaimXperience. This opens a new project page where you can create your ClaimXperience project.

Fill out the necessary fields and tap the Create button to finish the initial creation. This opens a new page with the project content. From here, you can start a video collaboration by tapping the LIVE CALL button in the top right.

In the Invite to Live Call page that opens, fill out all the required fields and select INVITE & JOIN at the bottom right to send the link to your intended recipient.

When the customer receives the notification, they must select it and allow access to the camera, microphone, and location when prompted (or give access via Settings). Once the customer has done this, the video feed appears on your screen (this may take a moment if the connection is slow). You or the customer can then take pictures while in the collaboration, record video, measure items on the screen, turn on the flashlight, or take other actions available in the video collaboration application.

The ClaimXperience Instance Administrator can change which settings are available. If you cannot access one of these tools, work with your administrator to adjust the settings.

Photos and videos recorded during the collaboration automatically become available in the project within Xactimate mobile and in OneXperience.

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