Review reports

Updated by Bethany W.

To review or print the payment tracker worksheet, click Print Worksheet.

In the History tab, you can review and print the record of deferred payments, a detailed list of items still requiring receipts, and other relevant reports. All Payment Tracker reports can be accessed outside of Payment Tracker with the other reports in the Print dialog box.

Change items displayed in the Worksheet tab

  • To change which columns are displayed, right-click a column header, and select Restore Column DefaultsHide this column, or show a hidden column.  
  • To change which items are shown, choose AllRemaining RC Benefits, or Pending at the top left corner of the worksheet.
  • To change the way items are grouped in future estimates:
  1. Go to the Control Center, click Preferences, and select Profile.
  2. In the navigation menu on the left, select Project and then Defaults.  
  3. In the Payment Tracker group, choose to group coverage by category or room. By default, coverage is grouped by room.

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