How does Xactimate sync rules after they change in Xactimate Admin?

Updated by Jill Bowers

After a rule is enabled or disabled in Xactimate Admin, Xactimate needs to sync to apply the changes. A sync automatically occurs before an initial inspection runs in Xactimate, and when Xactimate first opens. If an Xactimate user is logged in when a change occurs, a manual sync may be necessary. Depending on the Xactimate platform, the syncing process varies. 


Xactimate desktop 

To sync changes in X1, select the Sync icon on the Local projects page. 


Xactimate mobile 

Xactimate mobile frequently syncs automatically in the background, but you can also pull down to refresh from the top of the Local projects list to sync manually. 


Xactimate online 

New Xactimate online 

The rules sync automatically the first time an inspection is run after the Xactimate online Estimate Writer first opens. A manual sync is not necessary. 

Xactimate online Silverlight 

These changes are not available in Xactimate online Silverlight. 

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