Importing data from iGUIDE

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Users can use Planitar’s iGUIDE to create an accurate sketch without having to measure anything. Users obtain special 360-degree cameras from Planitar and use them to capture images from multiple locations at a claim site. These images record accurate measurements as well as room layout. Users can also opt into the premium plan, which includes cabinets, flooring types, etc. For more information on iGUIDE for insurance and restoration projects, see

Preparing the data 

The iGUIDE website has all the information you need to get your data started as well as a help center and information on over-the-phone support. You can find the main help site here: 

When you record your data with the iGUIDE technology, it is saved as a stitch.tar file on the connected computer. This is the raw data. Follow the directions on the Planitar website to process your data. Once the data is uploaded, you can request an Xactimate sketch at any time by opening the page for the location, navigating to iGUIDE View Tools > Xactimate ESX, and selecting Generate & Copy Token. This creates a token in your clipboard that you must paste into the notes field when requesting data in Xactimate

Requesting the data 

See Requesting data from third-parties for general information on requesting and importing data. The process for iGUIDE is essentially the same except that when you make the request, you must include the generated iGUIDE token in the notes for the request. Import the data as usual. 

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