View a structure’s variables in Estimate Items in X1

Xactimate uses variables to represent different measurements. When you use variables, you don’t need to enter actual quantities for a specific price list item. If you resize a room in Sketch, Xactimate automatically adjusts the calculation for all the items entered in your estimate.   

  1. Open an estimate.
  2. On the Estimate items tab, select Items.
  3. If prompted, select a price list and tax jurisdiction.
  4. To view variable totals for a group, double-click a folder.
  5. To view variable totals for a specific structure, double-click a structure or room.
  6. On the Group info dialog box, select the Variables tab.
  7. Here are some of the more common variables used in Xactimate:
  •   Ceiling area
  •   Floor area
  •   wall area
  • WC   wall and ceiling area
  • SY   Square yards of floor
  • PF   Perimeter of floor
  • PC   Perimeter of ceiling
  • LL   Long wall length
  • SH   Short wall height
  • HH   Tall wall height
  •   Volume
  • EA   Each
  • FLR_RMV   Area of flooring material removed.

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