Importing data from Tractable

Updated by Heather Jones

Tractable integrates with Xactimate to make the water-mitigation claim process faster, simpler, and more accurate. Xactimate users with Tractable enabled can send a request to the policy holder for data, and the policy holder can then submit all the necessary information to complete the claim, which Tractable reviews and sends to Xactimate. Xactimate applies Verisk price lists to ensure that the pricing for the claim is accurate. 

If you would like to integrate Tractable with your Xactimate profile, contact your account representative to have it enabled. 

See Requesting data from third-parties for details on requesting data from Tractable. 

Policy holder experience 

The policy holder receives a text message once you send a request for data through Tractable. To submit the necessary data to complete your claim, the policy holder needs a mobile device with a camera. They receive a text message with a link and information. They must do the following: 

  1. Follow the link in the text message. 
  2. Go through the screens, following the prompts. 
  3. Record the measurements for the associated rooms. 
  4. Once measurements are complete, select Complete claim. 

Importing requested data 

Once the policy holder completes their work, Tractable reviews the data received and creates all the appropriate line items. They send those and all the measurement and photo data to Xactimate.  

See Requesting data from third-parties for details on importing the requested data and completing the project. 


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