Copying data from an existing project

Updated by Heather Jones

You can easily copy data from an existing project into another one. This can streamline work when you need multiple projects for one location. 

To copy data from an existing project, ensure the existing project is currently in your Local list and then open the project to which you are copying the data. Complete the following: 

  1. From within the new project, navigate to Tools > Copy From Project
  2. Select the Project to copy from dropdown. 
  3. Select the project from the list provided.


  1. Select SmartList for more options. 
    Select from the larger list or use the search dialog box to search for and select a specific project. 

Note: You must currently have the project available in your Local list. 

  1. Select OK
  2. Select which data you want to include. 
  3. Select COPY

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