Add bedroom items

Updated by Jill Bowers

For this room, we’ll use the Sketch interface to add our items.

  1. Click Sketch.
  2. In the Search sub-window, click Search Price List — TRAINING.
  3. Click the CAT code related to the paint items, PNT.
  4. To paint the walls and the ceiling, select PNTSP and then click inside the Bedroom.
  5. To clean a medium-quality lighting fixture, type NETLUM in the Search box. Click Search.
  6. Select NETLUM and click in the Bedroom where you wish to clean a lighting fixture. If there are several lighting fixtures to be cleaned, they can’t be superimposed. In this case, there is only one lighting fixture to be cleaned in the room, so click once near the center.
  7. To clean the windows, type NETFEN in the Search box. Click Search.
  8. Select NETFEN.
NETFEN items vary by window size. For example, for very small windows, you would use the NETFEN code. Use the corresponding measurements in the item descriptions to determine the appropriate code.
  1. By default, the item only cleans one side of the window. To clean both sides of the window, select NETFEN and right-click one of the Bedroom windows to open the Add Item dialog box.
  2. Click Calc to open the calculator. Click 2 and then click OK.
  3. Click OK in the Add Item dialog box.
  4. Click each Bedroom window.


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